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20-Minute Work Week

Take the guesswork out of online advertising! Our 20 Minute Work Week provides customized, prescriptive alerts and actionable advice designed to improve your results and save money.

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Performance Dashboard

Bouncing between platforms makes it difficult to dig into your data. The Performance Dashboard charts key metrics from your AdWords, Bing, and Facebook accounts in one place, simplifying analysis and making it easier to gauge your performance.

Track performance at a single glance

Cross-Network Campaign Management

Replicate your success across channels. WordStream Advisor rolls your AdWords, Bing, and Facebook accounts into one easy-to-use interface, streamlining optimization across all three platforms.

Easily run campaigns across AdWords, Bing, and Facebook

Client Center

WordStream Advisor for Agencies is the only tool designed to efficiently scale your client base. Our smart tools, weekly alerts, and stunning reporting allow you to provide more value to your clients without staying late every night!

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Small Business Plan

Spending less than $750/month on your online advertising? WordStream Lite gives new advertisers access to a core set of time-saving lead generation tools, perfect for growing small businesses!

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