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We consistently hear from our clients and prospects that PPC landing pages are a struggle. There’s so much at stake on the landing page – that’s where your visitor either converts or doesn’t. But you don’t get much help from Google when it comes to landing page optimization. A poor landing page experience affects your Quality Scores as well as your ROI, but it’s tricky to actually figure out what the problem with your page is in AdWords alone.

Given this common pain point, I’m excited to announce the release of WordStream’s brand new free landing page tool, the AdWords Landing Page Grader. This tool, now in beta, is the newest addition to the family of free tools WordStream offers small businesses to help them assess and improve PPC performance. And today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how this landing page optimization tool can help you, and invite you to try it out while it’s in beta, so your early feedback can improve the tool.

AdWords Landing Page Tool

Before we get started, here’s a little bit more about me: I’m the director of product management at WordStream. While I’ve only been with WordStream for 6 months, I’ve been in a product role for more than 7 years and spent about half of that time working in the PPC space. I’ve been overseeing the evolution of WordStream’s Landing Pages and Leads tool, and saw an opportunity to build a free tool to help highlight some of the landing page best practices we’re working to make easy for small businesses. I’ve been working with engineering for the past 2 months to arrive at the first version of our new Landing Page Grader, and as we collect feedback from our user community, we’ll continue to evolve the tool to help businesses derive deep insights about their PPC and landing pages.

If you like watching better than reading, this video explains how the Landing Page Grader works:

Benefits of the AdWords Landing Page Tool

Our goal in creating the AdWords Landing Page Grader to join our lineup of marketing graders was to offer a free landing page optimization tool to help marketers assess how their PPC landing pages are performing when analyzed against industry-established best practices. There are three reasons this tool will offer huge value to PPC advertisers and agencies trying to optimize their AdWords campaigns all the way through to the last step, the landing page:

  • It’s fast, easy, and free – Your landing page report offers the kind of insight you’d get from a professional PPC audit, but without the time or expense required to hire a consultant. This is the simplest way to find out how your landing pages are performing and how you can improve them.
  • It’s designed to help you increase your AdWords conversion rate, Quality Score, and ROI – The landing page tool focuses on PPC-specific best practices. It checks to make sure your page, form, settings, and more are optimized for conversions, and our benchmarks help you determine how your landing pages compare to your competitors’.
  • You can’t get this insight anywhere else – We created the first free AdWords analysis tool, and this is the first free landing page analysis tool. There’s no equivalent in AdWords. Our AdWords Performance Grader has analyzed over $3 billion in total PPC spend, and we know a ton about what goes into a successful AdWords account.

We believe this new tool will help remove some of the mystery about what it takes to achieve the best possible bang for each buck spent on PPC.

How the WordStream Landing Page Tool Works

Unlike other website graders, our new landing page tool takes a PPC-centric approach to assessing how well a landing page is performing. Rather than looking at a single webpage in isolation, we’re taking a novel approach by connecting AdWords search performance and the websites those search campaigns point to.

The landing page tool works similar to WordStream’s AdWords Grader by first connecting to a user’s AdWords account through a 100% secure, one-time OAuth connection. From there, it can assess your account history over the last 90 days and identify which landing pages you have spent the most money driving traffic to. It then crawls those landing pages looking for marketing best practices and content relevant to the user’s AdWords campaigns.

The top section of your report provides you with an overall score as well as an overview of how much you spent, how many clicks you drove, how many landing pages you’re sending those clicks to, and how many conversions you able to get out of that spend:

PPC Landing Page Tool

You’ll also seen individual conversion rates and performance scores for each of your top five landing pages (by spend).

The conversion rate section shows you your landing page conversion rate over the past several months compared to our benchmarks for your industry. This will let you know if your conversion rate is going up or down as well as how you’re doing compared to similar advertisers in your vertical. As you can see, this advertiser isn’t measuring up to the benchmark in his industry:

Landing Page Grader

The content relevance section checks to make sure that your top keywords appear in the content on your page. This signal of relevance to both users and Google can have a big impact on both your conversion rates and Quality Score.

Landing Page Content

Finally, drawing on WordStream’s industry expertise and wealth of data, we’re able to compare performance against recommended benchmarks and best practices to provide an overall assessment of landing page health, and make suggestions that may help increase over performance. The best practices section of the report checks to make sure you’re:

  • Using a lead form (and not asking for too much information)
  • Using proper header tags
  • Not using the same landing page for multiple campaigns
  • Optimizing your landing pages for mobile
  • Including a clickable phone number on your page

Landing Page Best Practices Tool

We’re optimistic that the end result will give businesses better insight into what happens to their potential customers after the click. Our goal at WordStream is to help advertisers squeeze the greatest possible return out of their PPC investments, and we recognize that optimizing PPC campaigns is only half of the story. A supercharged PPC campaign won’t convince an advertiser about the power of PPC if it points to a poorly constructed landing page.

Try the Free Landing Page Tool & Tell Me What You Think!

We’ve already identified a number of features for future versions of the Landing Page Grader, which will help SMB’s gain even deeper insights into their PPC landing page performance. And during the beta phase, I’d love to get as much feedback as possible. Please try out the landing page optimization tool today and let me know, in the comments below or in an email, what you think and how we can make it better.

Find out how you're REALLY doing in AdWords!

Watch the video below on our Free AdWords Grader:

Visit the AdWords Grader.


Apr 01, 2014

Oh well but It is a good news for me that we have a adword landing page also,nice aricle.

Alex - SFweb
May 06, 2014

I just tested the landing page. It has a lot of potentiol and the landing pages that I created with the software are preaty nice. Great product. 

John Hadfield
Jul 07, 2014

Our problem is that we are not trying to sell a program on the Internet..We are a service company. We supply technical translations to companies.Our customers send us documents that they want to be translated from one language to another language,so your concentration on Conversion is no use to us.I don't know if Adwords is any use either.If we see 250 clicks on a normal website (not Adwords),  about 10% or more of those clicks would get us a contractfor supplying a translation. Transation customers browse through translation websites until they find one that fitswhat they expect of a translation agecny, as regards price, accuracy, speed, etc.That's entirely different from the "landing page" Conversion focus of your systelm.Have you got any good ideas for us?John Hadfield  

Justin LAdenthin
Sep 26, 2014

Doesnt Work.It tested my landing pagers and said I dont have the top keywords of those pages, and YES I  DO they are all through it

Nov 13, 2014

Loved playing with this tool and will likely try it again sometime. I have to agree with what Justin said about the use of my top keywords on the landing pages - it doesn't seem to be picking those up very accurately...

Dec 08, 2014

Very nice for Adwords and Landing Page. Will use!

Apr 08, 2015

Like the idea but didn't pick up any of my keywords - Test (used in campaign titles) is not a keyword.
Don't know where the landing pages came from either- all 4 were my home page whereas AdWord clicks land at specific lower level pages.

Apr 09, 2015

Hi John -
I'm on the product team here at WordStream and am disappointed to hear the grader didn't seem to work for you. If you want to shoot me an email (, I'd love to try and get to the bottom of what's going on. I hope to hear from you.

May 07, 2015

thank u for your blog it's is a important blog and news for me and my business

Oct 02, 2015

Hello Ben,
This product sounds really useful.I am a content writer who does not like Adwords limiting her.I understand that at some level that is important too.This product could help me gauge the effectiveness of my content.
Secondly, I am an affiliate for a portal.I am still using my URL address.Have not really created a website. Could I create a service around it?Help people with a central idea?
I will have to study this to realize its full potential, but it would help if you can advice.You know your product best.

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