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Careers and Culture at WordStream

Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

As one of the fastest-growing companies in Massachusetts, our growth goals are ambitious, and we want the brightest, most talented people to join us to help us meet and exceed our goals.

Our offices at Boston’s 101 Huntington Avenue tower not only feature stunning views of the city, we also have:

  • Open-plan collaborative spaces that foster teamwork and community
  • Cold-brew iced coffee on tap
  • Darts, ping-pong, and foosball
  • And all of the other bells and whistles you’d expect at a growing start up!

Because we believe in complete transparency, every employee has direct access to our executive team. Best of all, our CEO, a former engineer himself, knows us all by name.

Want to join us on the ride? Come and grow with WordStream.

Careers at Wordstream

Open Source and open minds, working together and solving problems.

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer you will work as part of a top-performing team to deliver high-quality search engine marketing SaaS solutions to market. You will be able to work with minimal direction, balance multiple requirements, and coordinate efforts within our Engineering team, Product Management, and QA.

Driving innovation and delighting customers.

Senior Product Manager

Wordstream, Inc. seeks Senior Product Manager for Boston, MA offices to analyze advertiser needs and software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints of WordStream’s advertising platform and conduct quantitative market analysis to identify new product opportunities.

Product Manager

Are you an extraordinary Product Manager who loves building world-class software that people will use and benefit from every day?

We’ve got it. You need it. Let’s talk.

Account Executive - Upsell

WordStream is searching for a high-energy Account Executive to join our Upsell Sales Team at our headquarters in Boston! In this role, you will be responsible for finding opportunities to upsell our existing software customers and grow revenue for WordStream. If you are a competitive, driven and a team player who is interested in joining a growing company in a fast paced and innovative environment then we want to speak with you!

Account Executive

Does the idea of helping key decision makers solve real business problems motivate you? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment with fast sales cycles? Are you excited about inbound, qualified leads and unlimited commissions? If you said yes, and you want to working for a company that values and rewards commitment and effort, let’s talk.

Cultivating partnerships and opportunities for mutual success.

Our Biz Dev team is fully staffed right now, but take a look at our other openings, and check back regularly. We’ll be looking for great people to join our growing team soon!

Practicing what we preach.

Paid Search Strategist

We are looking for a dynamic and passionate individual to drive the success of our clients through PPC campaigns and hyper-focus on communication. We are growing our Managed Services rapidly and are looking for an ambitious search marketing expert to roll up their sleeves, dive in and immediately manage client accounts while supporting sales in closing deals.

PPC Coordinator

We are looking for individuals ready for a career-growing opportunity where they can become a paid search marketing expert. WordStream is looking for an ambition addition to our Managed Services team that will roll up their sleeves, dive in and immediately tackle account optimization. You'll work with Paid Search Strategists on the team to grow and maintain their portfolio of clients.

Sr. Paid Search Strategist

Are you passionate about PPC campaigns and helping clients succeed? Do you get excited at the thought of diving in, rolling up your sleeves, and flexing your search engine marketing muscles? Can you bring your 5+ years of paid-search marketing experience and make an impact by supporting sales in closing deals, mentoring Coordinators and Strategists, and growing WordStream’s Managed Services team?

Your success is our success.

Customer Success Specialist - AdWords Certified

We are looking for a dynamic and passionate individual to drive the success of our clients through successful onboarding and training of WordStream Advisor as well as consulting our clients on PPC best practices and strategies. We are growing our services team rapidly and are looking for ambitious individuals interested in learning or expanding their search marketing background by rolling up their sleeves and diving in.

Customer Success Associate

We are looking for a dynamic and passionate individual to drive the success of our clients through successful onboarding and training of WordStream Advisor as well as consulting our clients on PPC best practices and strategies. We are growing our services team rapidly and are looking for ambitious individuals interested in learning or expanding their search marketing background by rolling up their sleeves and diving in.

Spreading the word, one click at a time.

Junior Graphic Designer

WordStream is looking for a Junior Graphic Designer to join its rapidly growing marketing team. The Junior Graphic Designer will support the Visual Designer and create assets for our website, emails, display advertising campaigns, and other marketing initiatives. You’ll work closely with our team to ensure the quality of our marketing materials is polished and consistent.

Marketing Operations Specialist

WordStream is looking for a Marketing Operations Specialist to play a pivotal role in executing our world-class marketing campaigns. The Marketing Operations Specialist will work with program managers to brainstorm, QA, and execute campaigns across a variety of channels.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Do you love to tie business results to marketing dollars? Are you a problem-solver who is both incredibly creative yet also data driven and analytical? Do you get excited by A/B tests and conversion rate optimization? Do you love a healthy negotiation with an agency or vendor for the best placement/position? If yes, we need your talent and drive to help WordStream acquire new leads and customers through online pay-per-click and pay-per-acquisition campaigns.

Accounting, HR, and Operations: Keeping the lights on and the team happy.

Senior Accountant

This role will support the accounting and finance functions of the company. The position reports to the Assistant Controller, and will have major interaction with members within the Finance / HR team as well as other strategic business leaders within the organization.

Office Assistant - Internship

The Office Assistant position is a great introduction to the growing tech industry! Under the supervision of the Office Manager, this hands-on position will be responsible for assisting across multiple areas of the business including sales, business development, finance, marketing and customer success.

  • Perks

  • Life in the 'Stream'

Big Company Benefits with Small Company Perks

We offer the best combination of big- and small-company benefits.

  • Stock options
  • Comprehensive health and dental
  • 401K plan
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave
  • Unlimited vacation time – that you can really use!
  • Ping pong, foosball, darts
  • Free snacks and drinks

When you pair our vibrant culture with our commitment to employee satisfaction, the result is a dynamic and productive work environment.

We’ve Got the Right Stuff

If you’re looking for an easy job, WordStream is definitely not the place for you. You need to be smart, flexible, creative, and quick on your feet if you’re going to cut it here. Our engineering team works with the Open Source stack, including Python, JavaScript, Linux, PostgreSQL, Knockout.js, Git, and more. And as a Google Premier Partner, we get to work with the latest Google APIs all day long. We spend our time solving hard technical challenges - distributed architecture, large datasets (multiple TBs of data), growing customer base, multiple vendor APIs, etc. You know you want a part of that!

Something’s Brewing.

At WordStream, we only accept the best. The best employees, the best software… and even the best beer. And what better way to ensure quality than to do it ourselves? Our software engineers not only code some sweet Python, they also brew some mean growlers. Stop by our Back Bay office and try some home-brewed beer straight from the kegerator. With a rotating selection, you’ll find something to compliment the office snacks quite nicely, we’re sure.

WordStream After Hours

Elbow room and space to grow are great, but there’s a down side to tremendous growth: we miss each other! Now that we’re spread across 3 floors of a modern Back Bay high-rise, mingling with our friends and colleagues isn’t as easy. What’s a growing, fun, and social company to do? After-hours outings, with drinks and apps on WordStream, of course! Have a few laughs with someone from another floor or chat up one of the execs or new hires. And with our central Back Bay location, we never have to go to the same place twice!

All Work and No Play? No Way.

We’re a pretty laid-back bunch, but all bets are off when it comes to office competition. We take our office sports pretty seriously! Whether it’s a dart match, a foosball game, or a heated ping pong battle, professional titles are ignored, and WordStream becomes a dog-eat-dog world. And it’s not just cutthroat office-letics that get us into a competing state of mind. We’ve never met a sports bracket we could leave blank, our sales team displays their poker faces at our card nights, and our gamers duke it out online and on boards.

Bringing Down the House with Team Building.

Who thought having a cotton candy machine on the 13th floor of the office would be a bad idea? We didn’t, but we probably won’t do it again… Whoops! Here’s a little non-PPC advice for you: make your cotton candy outside! Most of our other in-office events have been muuuuch neater. Even pumpkin carving, tree trimming, and our ice cream social combined didn’t compare to that epically messy Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work/Fenway-Opening-Day extravaganza! Every month our Fun Force brings us something new. Maybe we’ll try to top the cotton candy mayhem with a dunk tank on the 14th floor or pony rides on the 15th. Hey, Fun Force, where’s the suggestion box?

Fight for Your Right to Party.

Partying with the penguins, cruising and boozing, or a three-hour tour to a deserted island, we celebrate in style. We’ve had some pretty memorable celebrations to observe the winter holidays and summer sunshine. Some are Plus One events, some are employees only, but all of them are fabulous.

When the Bosses are Away…

Don’t get us wrong, our Exec Team is pretty cool. But we still can’t help but celebrate when they’re all off site! Yes, it’s a little juvenile, but when the cats are away, the mice will play. Every quarter when the executive team has their planning meeting to plot world domination, we max out the company credit card on pizza. Just FYI, we’ve learned that it takes more than 30 pizzas to feed our hungry bellies. That’s a lotta dough... and cheese, and sauce, and pepperoni, and artichokes, and…

Transparency Ain’t Just a River in Egypt.

Transparency isn’t just important in the windows when checking out our awesome view. It’s also fundamental to the way we run the company. Every month, we have a company meeting where all topics are openly discussed. From sales to hiring to product development to churn and everything in between, nothing is off limits. Just don’t get there late or you’ll miss the free breakfast!

Get Yer @ss Moving.

While the cutthroat office-letics may make even the finest mathlete break a sweat, we also offer up some legit physical outlets. Every year, we max out our team for the Corporate Challenge 5K and field one hell of a softball team. And unless you’re that unfortunate fielder who loses a fly ball in the sun and catches it in the face, the experience of sweating with your coworkers is a great way to bond! Not into organized athletics? No problem, since we’re on the 13-15th floors, we’ll happily time you as you race up and down the stairs to make it to your next meeting on time.

  • Our Tech Stack

  • Accolades

Open Source, Full Stack

We use all of the latest and greatest from the Open Source stack. Our full-stack developers work with Python, JavaScript, Linux, PostgreSQL, Knockout.js, Git, and more. Also, WordStream’s designation as a Google Premier Partner allows us to work with the latest Google APIs. Our tech stack includes:

  • Open-source software stack
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Knockout.js
  • D3.js
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • SQL
  • Git
  • AWS

We also work with multiple databases, web analytics, content management, and search engines, employing software design concepts such as OOP, caching, concurrency, and API design.

BBJ’s #5 Best Place to Work in Massachusetts!

Google Premier Partner


Locally and Nationally recognized for growth, culture, and technology

We think WordStream is a pretty great place, but we might be just a little biased. Luckily, we’ve earned the praises of some pretty cool organizations that support our opinion!

Boston Business Journal ranked WordStream as the #5 place to work in Massachusetts among other companies of its size. We are proud to be recognized for the culture and atmosphere we’ve created here at 177 Huntington.

But that’s certainly not all! In early 2015, WordStream was recognized as a Google Premier Partner, meeting Google’s highest standards for providing small businesses with the most effective AdWords advertising solutions.

WordStream is also the proud recipient of multiple awards from MITX and we’ve also been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies.